Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Traditional Media Vs New Media

By Dalila Aimi binti Marzuki 2009748585

The important of mass media is doubtlessly acknowledged by all.  Everywhere we go, we are connected to the world through mass media. The early years saw the traditional media such as radio broadcasting and television as the most influential tools in people’s daily life.  From east to west, regardless of the age, people are affected by it. Interaction of long distance is no more a major problem since the rise of the mass media has eased the relationship between the world communities. Through radio, television and newspaper we managed to engage with the shared events from football match to royal wedding and to democratic elections. It’s like the outside world has been brought up in our home by just one click button.
As years passed by, the new media emerged with the fanfare technological of innovation. The rise of new media has increased communication between people all over the world with the growth of Internet. It has allowed people to express themselves through blogs, websites, pictures, and other user-generated media. The era of this digital and internet revolution has changed the world into one global society. Though so, cyber crises seemed to creep up on one side. Due to more channels and sources available, information is prone to be cluttered contributing to lack of accuracy.

Today, the function of new media has widening. Despite of being a fast developing communication technology, it helps our country embracing the emergence of global culture of information based system. In Malaysia, the challenges posed by new media are getting severe due to the multi-ethnic and religious society.

New media is now to be used as the magnet to gain support from the people by the political parties. The role of social media particularly the blogger becomes essential as they have wielded power to influence people. Commonly today, we can see young people tethered to their cell phones to text and access social networking sites on the street, on transportation, in school and at home. The environment of the media has changed and therefore the youth is essentially to achieve professionalism to curb confusion. To conclude, the traditional media and new media both serves vital function in today’s global world. From time to time, service improvement is needed to ensure the potential reach of the user of worldwide highly guaranteed.



  1. Great post Dalila. I must agree that however, traditional and new media does complement each other. Both has it's own pros and cons. ;)

  2. True that new media has tremendously affected our lives and with the existence of Blackberry and iPhone has made the new media even more functioning.

    However, I am commenting just to share and a reminder;

    Last couple of weeks ago my friend experienced a made up accident in front of the curve (at the McD's traffic light). The light was red and she was the second car in line. The car in front her got smashed up by 2 motorcyclist. I know you guys may think "Apa kena mengena dgn new media kan? hehe. Keep on reading.."

    After the motorcyclists took off, my friend came out from her car to help out the victim and she asked why didn't you just hit on the fuel paddle and go as there weren't any cars at that time. And she answered, "because I was on my blackberry browsing through my facebook, I didnt realized until the man was at my window"

    See....? If the victim could've paid a little extra more attention on the surroundings and less to the phone maybe things could changed. Now, I hope you guys be more careful ya? We never know what kind of human are out there. Don't let your focus be hazy when it comes to new media.

  3. I second both you Naqy and Na. Somehow, there are pros and cons in New Media. Yet, there are some of PR practitioners out there still using traditional media to reach the mass audience. Long way to go, new media!

  4. Yes, Don't Text and Drive ok dear friends.

    It's true that social media has bring a new phenomena to our world. As what has been written in Dalila's article, it curb confusion. But, don't you guys think, social media somehow has kill the social skills? and you guys might think I'm a traditional person, but for me, even though social media is widely used nowadays, but as a PR practitioner, traditional media is also sometimes.

    Yes Nadhia, we still have a long way to go to achieve the 100% social media usage in PR field.

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  6. "New media is now to be used as the magnet to gain support from the people by the political parties.".

    Indeed, that is very true Dalila. Since the content of traditional media is dominated by government's perspective; political leaders, especially from the opposition parties, have turned their heads towards the new media. They believe that new media creates a greater freedom of expression.

    Talking about freedom of expression, how far can new media portrays such space? The answer is, unlimited. But, that's when crises occurs as people start to misuse the sphere and manipulate the information - without a proper source.

    There is nothing wrong of traditional media. The content fits the function of media ownership theory. But, there is also nothing wrong with the new media, because it was built to share matters globally.

    But we, as communication students, must be able to balance up the information that we receive. We must be able to analyse the content in a critical manner because we have been taught to understand the law of persuasion and not simply to swallow everything.

  7. ok. guess there's a technical prob while me sending it. im just gonna write it again tho i have forgotten some of the thoughts. well, thanks for all the wise comments guys. discussing upon my article, i believe that old media and new media both serve important function nowadays. internet and technologies go parallel. they're like food. we need and 'eat'it everyday. and of course when u eat recklessly, u'll be sick. so, the same applies here. new mediums yet the same means i shall say it. we may have different leader in the country but the way they roll it, more or less the same. on the good side, it brings endless knowledge for us but at the same these social media epidemics prone to make people to be socially awkward in presence. reality check?


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